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Simple, Efficient, Damn cheap.

Rapid Bots is an Artificial Intelligence startup building bots to solve small business problems.

Voice/Phone Bot: This bot can make conversations to address small business tasks like getting an order, making reservation, address questions, etc at a very low cost. Try it now (445) 300-3760

Marketing bot. It is super efficient and powerful for running and managing your Facebook ads and Google ads. 95% of the marketing budget (vs 60% industry average) is spend for ads rather than ad agency administrative costs.

Artificial Intelligence

We will work with you and develop personalized bots that will solve your buisness problems


Technology we use is fancy, not our pricing. No Upfront costs that everyone dislikes. Pay per usage. We rely heavily on bots aka machines to reduce cost.


All our solutions are hosted in Amazon Webservice Services aka our cloud provider. No worries about buying server or mainitaining them.

Why Bot?

Bots are simple, efficient, but powerful. We chose bot style for this reason. Our AI/deep learning bots can understand human conversational language and do task on your behalf.

Our services

Is COVID-19 impacting your business? Are you struggling to setup online orders or sales or even reach customers?

This is exactly what our bots solve. We work with you to figure out the best solution and get bots deployed to solve your business situation.

We will work with you to understand your product line and develop ecommerce website in hours to start your first sale.

We will work with you to understand your business needs and we will start deploying facebook, youtube and google ads to get immediate conversions. We will implement geo-fencing techniques, competitor targeting, customer retargeting strategies to get better performance. Our bot will continuously improve keywords, target audience and parameters to improve ad efficieny.

Our services

Are you slammed with phone calls? Feeling unsafe? Are you running out of employees to run business?

Our voice bot is designed to solve this. It can make conversation to address tasks like getting an order, making reservation, answering questions, etc. Technology is fancy, but our charge is not. Costs less than 3 cents a minute.

We believe in doing and we have built a voice bot that can you use to order Pizza. Try it now! We can build one that would help your business


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